In this course you find meaning in what you do and why you do it.

This program covers 5 areas.

Each module will include theory on the topic as well as assessments and/or exercises.

The areas and objective of each module are listed below:
1. Knowing myself and my team
- Personality type finder assessment
- About me – Opportunity to discover team strengths, passions and dreams.
- Exercise – a) team exploration and b) choose a team member

2. Determine the purpose and values 
- Our paradigms
- Purpose
- Values
- Importance of courage and diligence

3. Determine entrepreneurial skill level
- Entrepreneurial skills level test
- Advantages of entrepreneurial skills
- High performance

4. How to develop influence
- Understanding influence
- Exercise – my role model
- How to develop influence
- Benefits of influence

5. Goal setting
- What drives us goal setting
- Importance of goal setting
- 10 step action plan
- Exercise – setting a goal
- Prioritising decisions

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Development Includes

  • 6 Tools
  • 27 Resources
  • 2 Quizzes

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